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Friday, September 22, 2006

Acceptable Use Policy

I feel that each student should be able to learn about and use technology in the classroom. The only way for this to happen will be if the students and parents understand the guidelines for the computer usage. The computers will be used only for educational purposes and any wrongful usage will result in punishment.

I promise to understand and follow the following rules:

Use the computer in a safe manner.
Only be in the program(s) that my teacher has allowed me to be in.
Only print when you have received permission from the teacher.
Do not play games unless your teacher has given you free time and permission to be on the computer.
Never touch anyone else’s computer or work unless they have given you permission.
Tell the teacher immediately if you see someone else not following the rules or doing something that is inappropriate.
Never use other students work or take things from their folders.

I understand that if I do not follow the above rules, I will be unable to use the computers.

Student Name:________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Name:_____________________________________

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Twenty-five Computer Classroom

My classroom will have five round tables with five laptops on each table. The tables will be arranged in a circle with an opening at the front of the room. The opening will be where the projector will be on a table aimed at the front of the room where there will be a projector screen. In the middle of the circle of tables is where my desk will be. I will have a laptop on it as well as the printer. In the back of the room there will be a rolling laptop cart so that I can plug in the laptops at night and lock the cart.
The children will get to use the laptops daily for different things. They will use them for a math program that teaches them adding and subtracting. We can use the computers twice a week for math so that the children can have fun while learning. There will be a program for reading skills and spelling skills. We will have two lessons a week on computer skills so that the students can become familiar with the features available to them on the computers at an early age. We will work on learning how to type, so they can enter in spelling words. They will also be learning about the scientific method in science. We will conduct a few experiments on the computer so they can learn the correct steps of the method through a science program. All the programs will make it easier for the children to learn while having fun.

Four Computer Classroom

My classroom will have the desks spread out in the center of the room with a large walkway in the middle of the room. All the desks will be arranged in four groups of six desks. There will be a table on the back wall for the four computers. There will be headphones by each of the computers. The printer will sit on a table next to the computers. At the end of the walkway, the projector will sit on a rolling table so that it can be put away when not needed. The front of the room will have a white board and on top of it will be the pull down projector screen.
Each day we will have a “center time” where the kids will rotate through the desks and computers. The four groups of desks will have different tasks for different subjects. The computers will be different subjects each day. There will be math games that help teach adding and subtracting. The english programs will be helping with reading skills, pronouncing skills, and spelling skills. The headphones will be used in this program so that the children can hear the words being pronounced. The computers will be good so that students can learn the objectives they need to know while having fun playing games.